I don't think it's bad for girls to have s** with a lot of guys. Im not saying like ridiculous amounts but I don't think ten is bad at all. Guys do it, so why can't we? Shouldn't we be afraid of being stuck f****** the same person for the rest of our lives? Im going to have s** with whoever I want, f*** numbers.

Oh, also, dating doesn't obligate you to have s**. F*** guys that think because you are dating me you are entitled to having s** with me. It doesn't work like that. Sometimes it takes a little longer to decide if you're f*******, sometimes not. So, don't get your little panties in a bunch, just go find some other girl that thinks your ok.



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  • Sounds pretty reasonable, but you also sound like a total b**** about it.

  • 10? what age are you? If haven't f***** more than guys by the time you are 30 you are pretty much a nun in my book. I'm a guy by the way.

  • ^oops, troll alert.

  • Men are DOGS - face the facts - give them a hole in the wall - they will f*** it and get off and feel good about it.

  • ^ wow i love your answer. that was very hot... sorry :p

  • ^ First of all not all of us think that way, you narrow minded ignorant piece of s***.

    I hate it when people like you act like your trying to fight bigotry, and are hypocritical bigoted pieces of s*** yourselves.

    Now to answer the OP, I have always believed no woman should ever be called such stupidly ignorant names like w**** or s***, and any person of any gender should be free to do with their body whatever they want, and not be demeaned for it.

  • I agree with you - why is that men can f*** anything on legs - and women get called a w**** if we do - Men are walking dogs in heat -

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