Confessions of an 11 year old girl

These are some of my confessions I am only 11

1: My dad use to abuse me physically and emotionally
2: I some times starve myself :(
3: I hate myself
4: I am "weird"
5: I get bullied for being "strange"
6: I have never met someone who excepts me for who I am
7: People call me socially awkward because I am shy
8: I wish i was never born

Please don't judge me because all of my confessions I have made on this site I have been told to "Burn in h***" :(

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  • OMG REALLY!? wow... it is so mean what people can say...

  • U know what, you sound just like me, not the abusing part but Im kinda sensitive and I wish you get better. And plz dont let your father abuse you do something about it. Call 911.

  • i'm sorry you had to go through all that at such a young age and i wish i could help i wish i was younger so i could befriend but i'm not and i can't so all i can say is i'm sorry and i'm proud of you for living through that...

  • Thank you for understanding (:
    -person who wrote this post

  • If I knew you, I'd do anything to be nice to you. I know what it's like. I had it worse actually. I used to be a violent, homicidal kindergardener to third grade. I went to a mental hospital and my life was changed. But still to this day, I am still my own emeny. My ideas are grand, but are tooken for granted by people in my school. I was moved up to an extra grade because I'm to smart at writing stories. I hate myself. And everyone elese throws my ideas away. Life's a b****, ain't it?

  • I feel sorry for you :( hopefully your life will get better <3
    -Person who wrote this post

  • You have internet from your kitchen?

  • Do you know that it only takes 1 in 7 billion people to make you feel special. After that, it doesn't matter what the other 6.9 billion people tell you or talk about you. Just be who you are and one day you will find that GUY..!!
    Good luck teeny..!!!


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