Divorced Parents Suckk

Im a 16 year old Girl, and my parents have been divorced sense I was 6, so ever sense then ive had to choose if I want to live with my dad in Missouri, or my mom in Colorado. But heres the deal, at my dads house in Missouri, I have the step mother from the Cinderella story, she's constantly negative and makes me feel like a worthless piece of crap, so i HATE being home. But I love being at school, My friends are awe-some, and everything. Now heres how my moms house is.. I love being home, my step mom and mom are so cool and easy to talk to, I love them. But I hate the school because of how much drama there is, its a small town.. So its either hate my life at home, but love being at school. Or love being home and not like the school..ugh please help me decide on where to live next year..

May 5, 2012

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  • Live with your mother.If the drama at school doesn't involve you in anyway and you aren't getting bullied,then stay with your mother.Your home life would be great :)

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  • What the f***,are you on about?

  • ignoring the idiotic comment ive really no way to help you i mean both my mother and my father are insane my mother however got re-married and my step dad is cool but the normal insane, and my dad is dating a woman who is half as insane as my mom perhaps only 1/4... um so i don't know how to help you i'm male and i really wish i could...

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