HELP ! boy trouble.

There is this boy i like he's name is Charlie and i havent seen him in 4 months , i wanna ask him out . But im shy . I need help . But there's this other boy at school that keeps looking at me and i think he's cute too .. but how do i talk to him . He is in all my classes and we both look at eachother all the time i know im all his attention , i even smiled at him to let him know im enterested.. omg i need a reason to talk to him ..i think about him almost everyday now. and i wanna get to know him , and this other boy likes me too , he cute buy not my type .. OMG i dont know which boy to go after and i havent been in a relationship for a year. its pretty sad , so im asking for your help . That boy that i smiled at , im class . I wanna talk to him but im a shy girl , well around boys anyways. So tell me , what are the techniques you used to talk to the boy that you liked . . AND im in highschool .. so yeah .. HELP ! i wanna talk to him , and get to know him !

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