I like being Dominated in bed, only thing that gets me off.

I f****** love it when a guy dominates me. people describe me as "strong & independent" but for some reason I like when a guy takes control in bed. I like being pinned down and just f***** hard. I LOVE it when he hits it from the back and he slaps my ass so hard that I can see bruises the next morning. I've felt like this ever since high school when my friend and I always argued . One day while playing around testing "who's strongest" he pined me down and literally forced me out my panties , then he gave me the best f*** of my life. Many time's I'd try to get away he'd pulled me back and slammed his meat deep inside me forcing me to come back. With each scream or moan he'd go harder. Ever since then he became my f*** buddy , he tied me down , he showed me different positions. Nobody gets me off better than him , I miss this guy so f****** much , why did he have to move to egypt ? :(

May 8, 2012

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  • Message me on awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • I just just want to clear it for you; if he moved to Egypt because he has an Egyptian background then he wasn't being rough; he was only doing it our way.
    Go to Mexico, Colombia or even Puerto Rico, you will get what you want, just stay away from gangs and don't get yourself killed.

    Have fun ;)

  • Hey, I love rough s**. I usually have to pay for it though, lol. I have this one escort that lets me do a rape role play. I make her fight me with all her might as I pull her clothes off and tie her down to the bed. Then I force f*** her nice and hard........I have left bruises on her, but she knows I am willing to pay and we have done this many times. She is only 25 and I am 49. My favortie position is to put her on the floor, on her knees. I make her prop her ass up in the air while i place my foot on her head and face, then I f*** her p**** and ass. I am able to penetrate her very deep like this. My newest fantasy with her is to take her to a bar and make believe she is my wife, then rape her with a total stranger having him think its real. I want to experience it.

  • It might not be politically correct nowadays to say it, but most sexually normal women want to be dominated in bed. They want to be used and treated rough.

  • so hot, so hot, so hot! I'm a 21 year old petit asian american & my husband is my 48 year old white knight ;) he's completely normal and I'm closer in sexual personality to you lol! I feel like I have to hire an older male escort to do all as you described. Your newest fantasy is sooo hot. You should be a literotica poster.

  • I can save you a few bucks!

  • I love roleplay rapee!! makes me so wet

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