When i was 15 years old (iam 16 now) i

When i was 15 years old (iam 16 now) i got pregnant i didn't know if i wanted to keep the baby or not but i keep thanking about and could not see myself killing or giving my baby to someone else.So on oct.27.2006 i had my daughter kalmia i was so happy when i first saw her she wasn't even crying when she come out.She was just looking around with her big brown eyes when they give her to me i can't stop cying i was just so happy.I couldn't take her home that some day but the next day i could me and my mom went to go pick her up...but when i got there they said something had happend to her they said she wouldn't eat she keep getting cold then she would get hot they didn't know what was going on so they did everything they could to save her but it didn't work so on oct.28.2006 she died.I didn't belive him at all i mean i did everthing right when i was pregnant i didn't drink i didn't smoke i didn't have s** when i was pregnant i ate right and everthing so i couldn't belive him i still can belive him i just can't deal with her passing away she was my everthing i don't know how i can get over these i have never told anyone about these i just had to get that out.

And to my daughter kalmia mommy love's you and i will never forget you and i am so sorry.

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  • Try not to blame yourself,it's one of those things in life,that just happens.
    It wasn't through,any fault of your own.You took the sensible and responsible precautions.You would've made a lovely mother and regardless of what happened,you still are a loving mother,because surrounded you baby with love,during and after the pregnancy :)
    God bless you and your baby,she'll always be with you in spirit.She was a special child,too special for our world x

  • Wow. I never expected that from here. Diamonds in the rough.

  • amsooooo proud of u dear and am realy sorry. take care and be careful

  • Man that's sad but all things work out in the end. I'll be praying for you.


  • That made me cry. Big, big hugs for you, and the above commenter is right, talking about it will help - it won't take the hurt away, but it will help you get through it.

  • I admire you for keeping your baby even though you weren't sure you wanted it. the love you felt for her when she was born was the purest love you will ever feel for another human being. keep that locked inside your heart and never forget and she will never be truly gone. also, it may help to talk to a trained grief counselor about your loss. it's not something you should keep inside. talking about kalmia will make you feel close to her like i know you want to be. take care, and thank you for having the courage to share your story.

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