So this girl, she, she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I think it's real, you know like real love, but sometimes I hope that it iSnt because you See, she doesn't like me back. I have loved her since the day we met 4 years ago, and we leave school in a years time, I don't think we'll keep on touch unless we become close friends or...I don't think I could handle loving her forever if she doesn't feel the same, that's why I don't want to belive it's real love. I want to belive it's a phase just 'liking' ...because then I don't have to face that this might be the only love I feel, painful and butterflies and can't make eyecontact, one where I love from a distance and fall to my knees when she needs me, one where I have so much hope and it is never proven. What would you do? I mean would u keep in touch, how, were not exactly friends. Or would you not, and if so, how would you leave it?
Thanks C: btw we're both girls, she has a boyfriend but it bisexual. They broke up a few weeks back after 2 years and I was sad for them, but thought maybe this was a chance for me, she knew I liked her anyway. After about 7 weeks I decided I could maybe start to talk to her, maybe go out as friends and see if she wanted to take a chance. I then heard she got back together with the guy and so, I decided do it now just let it all go and then she knows and has the information she needs to make a decision. So I wrote her a letter. She didn't reply, it's been 2 weeks, but she smiled at my so I know she's okay with it but doesn't like me back .
Anyway how should I leave it when we depart? And what do I do for right now, any advice? :')

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