I was hooking for extra cash to pay for my drugs

My hubby never new I was a h*****. I loved getting high before I got pregnant. I was out f****** guys for weeks and getting high. The morning hubby had me test myself to see I was pregnant I had f***** nite before over 4 to 5 guys and got drug and high. I was 6 to 8 weeks pregnant at that time. A friend help detox before I saw my ob.

May 10, 2012

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  • thats f***** up.even if not telling whole story gota fess up that that might not be his kid mann..he dont deserve that. why dont you get wit a p*** he will supply u with s** partners & drugs. ur baby is going to have a horrible future if u keep ur s*** up...stop thinking about yourself now..its about the babe

  • You didn't ask for our opinions, but here's one. First, if you had s** with multiple men the night before the pregnancy test, NONE of them is the father (unless you'd f***** one or more of them around the conception date, a month or two before), so you can eliminate them from your equation. You should operate on the assumption, from now until forever, that your husband is the father of your child because that's what the law will assume, absent DNA testing to the contrary: BUT NOBODY IS GOING TO CONTEST PATERNITY UNLESS YOU LET THAT PARTICULAR CAT OUT OF THAT PARTICULAR BAG, so just don't do that, NOT EVER. If you and your man f*** fairly regularly, he won't remember whether or not he got some on the date(s) in question and he'll have no reason to suspect that he's not the father, so don't give him a reason to even turn his mind to that issue. Once the baby comes, you'll be so happy --- and so amped up and weighed down to take care of it for the next however-many years --- that you'll probably forget the complex paternity picture yourself.

    ALL OF THIS ASSUMES TWO THINGS, HOWEVER: (1) THAT YOUR HUSBAND ALREADY KNOWS YOU'RE PREGNANT; and (2) THAT YOU'RE TOTALLY CLEAN NOW AND WILL STAY THAT WAY THROUGHOUT THE REMAINDER OF THE PREGNANCY. If either of those things is untrue or is likely to become untrue, then you need to go visit your local abortion clinic as soon as possible and get that thing out of you, because your life will only get worse from this point forward unless you devote yourself fully to the idea of providing the best environment for your child, prenatal and postnatal.

    As for the prostitution, only you can decide whether or not to continue with that and to what level, given your marital and maternal statuses, after you've decided what to do with what's inside you today. Plenty of women have been perfectly fine wives and mothers while living dual lives and/or while working as escorts without the family's knowledge, much less their consent, though you obviously have to assess the risk you're assuming (being taken away from husband and child, for at least short stays behind bars). You can turn tricks without necessarily jeopardizing your baby's health, but you can't keep using without injuring the baby. Seriously, continuing to work as a call-girl is the least critical of the many decisions confronting you, and may even (eventually) serve as a kind of respite from all the other troubles you've described here: once the baby's born, you may even look forward to going out with other men occasionally, especially if it's a source of income for you.

    Good luck.

  • are you still f****** other guys?

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