I'm a male, and I'm finally glad to see

I'm a male, and I'm finally glad to see a place where I can tell this story.
I was curious as a teen. My sister always wore low rise jeans, and her whale tail was always showing. I wondered why she only wore thongs. They seemed so uncomfortable. I snuck into my older sister's underwear drawer once and stole a sexy thong. She only wore thongs and g-strings, and there was nothing else in her drawer. It was amazing. I loved the feeling of silk. I kept returning to room to throw dirty ones in the laundry and steal new ones.
A year or two passed without consequence. In 10th grade, I had worked up the courage to wear them to school. I wore a different thong everyday for two weeks.
I loved the suspense. I decided to take it up a level. After two weeks, I pulled the thong up about 1 inch above my jeans. I always wore longer shirts, so I wasn't afraid of getting caught. As the day went on, I pulled it higher and higher until it was about 6 in. above my jeans. It was so suspenseful! I sat in my chair, waiting for the bell to send us to last period. I sat in the next to last row, right in front of the hottest girl in the school, my crush. She sat next to her best friend, who was almost as hot, and they were always giggling through the class, but that day it seemed different.
I turned around. "What's so funny, beautiful?"
She burst out into laughter. The whole class turned around. She stopped laughing. When the bell rang they had stopped looking at her, and she said, "Your panties are showing."
I quikly put my hand on my lower back. My shirt had been held up by the back of the chair, and it was obvious that I had a thong on.
Naturally, I pulled my shirt down over it, but of course it was too late. I thought of something funny to say. I couldn't think of anything, and I already looked like an idiot, so I said, "Well, you saw mine. Show me yours!"
She looked confused, and her friend smiled at her. "Yeah, show him your whale tail!"
My crush smiled back. "Only if you do it with me."
They looked so hot, I thought I was going to melt. They looked around. nobody was in the room but the three of us. They turned around. They both lifted their shirts and thongs and dropped their pants. I was amazed.
"You're welcome." She smiled at me. "Now, what do I do with this picture..." She showed me her cell phone. She had taken a picture of me with my thong exposed.
I figured if I ignored it, she would give it up and delete it. She asked, "What will you do for it?"
I was shocked. I didn't know what to say. Finally, I said, "What did you have in mind?"
She said, "Leave us alone for a minute." Her friend left. "Now..." She said, "I know!"
"Oh man..."
"Aww, you're scared! I'll tell you what. I'll do you a favor. I have been thinking about a new boyfriend... What do you say?"
"That's it?" I was about to win the girl of my dreams.
"Well... If you don't mind... I'm going to put this on my phone screensaver and tell everyone it's you, and you have to wear a thong everyday for at least a week, whale tail, and if anyone asks, you have to show them. If you can take the pressure, I'll go out with you."
I really did think about it. "Why are you doing this for me?"
"I have always secretly loved for men to wear thongs. Do we have a deal?"
I answered instantly, "YES!!!"
She kissed me. "See you later," she said.
Needless to say, on Monday, after a weekend of spending time with my new girlfriend, I was cornered on Monday.
"I heard a rumor..." my best friend started. She said, "Show me."
I sighed. I turned around and pulled up my shirt. At least three other students laughed.
Throughout the week, I was personally confronted by at least thirty students, and that had to be enough to spread through the whole school. Eventually, the sting wore off, and when asked after the first four students, I was kind of proud. I started to smile and say cheezy phrases like, "Oh yeah!"
So, after that week, my new girlfriend came to my house on Saturday. She said, "I have something for you." She pulled out a Victoria's Secret bag, and handed it to me.
I had already told her that I had taken the thongs from my sister, and as I opened the bag, I have to admit, I was so happy. There were about 20 of them!
We went to my room. I threw away my underwear right in front of her, and loaded my drawer with the new thongs.
She was happy for me. She said, "When your sister gets home, explain this whole thing to her, and give her back her underwear."
I was nervous, but I knew I had to. When she got home, I walked to her room with nothing on but her thong.
She yelled, "What are you doing with my underwear on?!"
I explained. She was really cool about it, and when I told her to keep it a secret from Mom and Dad, she agreed with no hesitation.

That was about four years ago. I have recently gotten married to my girlfriend, and we share the underwear drawer, nothing but thongs. I have found the woman of my dreams, and my sister thinks it's cool that I wear thongs, and often shows me off to her friends. I love the attention that it causes. She even buys them for us as random gifts.

I have yet to yell my parents this story...

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  • Haha. What an interesting love story. [:
    And you dont have to tell your parents.
    Chances are it wont matter to them, or it will.

    Whatever you think is the best. If you are sure they are understanding people, then go for it. If not, what they dont know wont hurt them.

  • this is faaakeee

  • This is waaaaaaaayyyy too long, therefore I did not read it! F*** you very much!

  • This is bullshit

  • Lol loved the story and you are brave!

  • awww a couple with a panty draws fetish

  • I am also from Arkansas.
    I resent that too.

    Most people here are prudish anyway.

  • did they even have camera phones 4 years ago??

  • thats so sweet:)

  • what the h*** is a whale tale?

  • This really isn't a wierd story at all. I've heard a lot of stories like this where guys wear their wives underwear, stockings, heels everything but are not gay. It's called cross dressing. Anyway there's no need to tell your parents about this. Why should they care. Besides if you keep wearing them they will find out sooner or later. So what ever floats your boat.


  • I resent that. I'm from Arkansas, and I've yet to meet a single guy that likes to wear thongs. Everyone here is too... prudish for anything like that. "Let's beat up the f***!" and that sort of thing. I hate it here.

  • what ever floats your boat.

  • next sign says 30 miles to Arkansas

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