How I became a sissy

I am married and was quote unquote normal. I loved buying sexy outfits for my wife. One day I decided to be funny and get myself an outfit. I found thongs with a pouch in the front to accommodate me.
I never would've guessed that a thong could be comfortable. If I twisted or moved a certain way, I did notice it. But instead of being uncomfortable it somehow turned me on. I was laughing while admitting this to my wife.
I have never once thought about wearing panties or bras or any of the such. This experience though, made me curious. I asked to try on a pair of my wife's thongs. Thinking this might be a better approach than sneaking around and trying them on. Kinda regret that now as I wish I couldve got busted and not to mention my wife said no and gave me a disgusted look.
She did however like the thongs I bought myself. So I wore them a few more times over a month or so. I asked her again eventually and she said fine, whatever, if you really want to wear them. I did. I loved it but had to refrain. She was not at all interested. So me being me, I made a joke about how I've been missing out and could wear these all the time. Again she said whatever, if that's what you want I don't really care.
I again played it off. The next time I wore my thong, she didn't want to wear mine? I knew I could play it off again as a joke and I didn't want to pass up the offer. So I put hers on.
Much to my surprise, after the nightly events, she said to, I actually have a few pairs you can have. Now of course they were the cheap kind that couldn't conceal a thing. Made of the cheap mesh material hooked to floss. But wife just gave me my first pairs of panties.
I wore these of course. But my curiosity grew. Some nights later I asked how real panties felt. To my ignorance, I did not know there were bikinis, boyshorts, and hipster styles. So the answer I got was which style? I said uh, your style?? She laughed and since I wear boxers, she said I think you would like boyshorts.
Later that week I found myself with my wife at a department store. We found some boyshorts and then there it first panty purchase.
I tried on the boyshorts and they were so amazing. I told myself I never wanted to go back to boy underwear. Little did I know how honest I was being to myself.
My wife was also growing to like me in panties. She confessed they were much more enjoyable to look at then ugly boxers. She had me try on other styles and we bought me more and more.
As setup as the next thing may seem, it was completely accidental. All my socks were dirty one day and she threw me a pair of hers. They weren't pink or anythimg. Light blue I do believe. So I put them on. Did not like the low ankle feeling, but God they were cute. I got used to them and now have nothing but girl socks.
I took pics for her one day. While inspecting which ones to send...I noticed how hairy my bum was. It ruined all the shots and I do believe they were good poses. I asked her thoughts about me shaving. She said NO.
Later I shaved and waited for the consequences. She was neutral. Admitting that it wasn't bad nor good.
But I felt so dumb being all hairy with a smooth bum. So I shaved my legs.
This is when I knew I loved being a girl/sissy or whatever lol.
She got used to it too. Makes cuddling alot better. She loves rubbing my tan legs.
As I sit here, I could go on and on. But to wrap it up...I am completely shaven, have 3 pair of heels, a drawer full of leggings and stockings, 3 bras, only panties and girl socks. She has also put makeup on me. I have 3 wigs. Painted toenails. Booty shorts, girl shirts, dresses, skirts, and a clutch.
Not only do I love this lifestyle, so insists on it now. Maybe because I buy her clothes all the time...since we wear same size. Or maybe it's bc I rarely get to use my male thing for enjoyment anymore. But instead we have a rubber one that I wear. Yeah...that's why she loves the new me

Jul 16, 2017

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  • Lucky you, if you play it right she will soon be wearing the Dido and you will get to really enjoy your life

  • Sounds good

  • Only a matter of time before she takes a lover....enjoy

  • Yum

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