Two years ago my best friend moved to Canada. Few months after she felt i hooked up with her older sisters boyfriend. Their 7 year relationship was on the rocks and nearly over. I really fell for this boy. and it seemed as though he liked me but he never wanted to date me. still for two years we continued to hook up.
I always felt guilty about not telling my best friend. I don't like keeping things from her. but i know if i tell her i will lose her forever. I can never let that happen.
i don't know what to do to stop feeling guilty. i feel like a horrible best friend.
I know i should stop seeing this boy but i like him so much its so hard to do.
ANy advice or anything that could help?

May 11, 2012

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  • Break up with the boy at once. After two years and you're not in a committed relationship, it's not going to happen. Wake up! He's using you, and you're allowing it. Also how can you truly have a committed relationship with him, if you're keeping it from your best friend? A lot to look at there.

    Telling your friend.. chances are she may be upset that you kept it a secret from her. But I would imagine, her sister would be the one that would be hurt by the both of you. All you can do is be honest with her, apologize for not telling her sooner. You also don't know if this boy or a mutual friend won't divulge this information to her before you tell her. (Obviously, it hasn't yet since this "relationship" is not a public one..all the more reason to break up.) So it should come from you..Hopefully you both can move on from this. If the friendship is strong, it shouldn't break it.

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