RIGHT SO im in love with my history teacher. every time i see him my heart skips a beat and i start shaking and cant even speak. my friends always say, " i dont know what you see in him, or you have bad taste in men." i have tried several time to stop loving him but i just end up bouncing back. he even called me cute! he kinda tall and a little bit built and he likes the same things i do e.g batman,history etc...
sometimes i just feel so stupid when i say something i feel like i want the earth to bury me.
one time when i was walking down the school corridor i cought him looking at me evn my friend noticed.
my feeling are getting confused i dont know what to think anymore.

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  • Hmm sounds like you need to catch your history teacher in the classroom by himself one day. And give him the best b******* ever so that he can f*** you nice and deep and give that cumm deep inside of your womb you deserve. :)

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