I Love Her, Theres Nothing I Wouldnt Do

I Love Her, Theres Nothing I Wouldnt Do for Her...
I love The Way She Walks, Lafs, Talks and looks at me.
she is my girlfriend.
i'd never cheat on her...
I Love Every bit About her..
Her Name Rolls Of The Tounge.
I'd Die for Her.... easy choice.
and she has good friends around her.
Im just so happy

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  • I hope ur happiness is long lived but it never is

  • L*** is great, Love is Ok.......but time changes all of that, trust me.

  • Wow #4... you sound really bitter. Go see a therapist or something.

  • I only did dat coz i was bored


  • yeah, see if you feel the same way in 10 years, after two kids, and she gains weight and you start losing your hair, and you have a mortgage to pay.

    I bet you'll be singing a different tune then.

  • this is not a confession. this is a PROfession. of love. love sucks

  • your f****** kidding....right?

  • I'm happy for you.

  • Aww :)

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