When do i tell my parents

I am 15 and a guy. I am bi and have been for two years, i want to tell my parent but im scared. They were always the kind of people who seemed to get mad anytime i did anything super gay. Like we had a gay apreciation day at hs and the fliped when i tried to wear the ribbon the next day should i tell them? Im not sure and need help deciding

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  • Sometimes you have to do what is right. Telling them may be for the best. Even though things may not go as you plan at lest they know. It's not right to keep secrets, and they may not accept it at first, though; you should tell. There are support groups for this kind of stuff that you can find almost anywhere. First tell your friends it makes it a whole lot easier when coming to your family with this.

  • Well every one outside my family knows. Even my gf knows. Its just my dads side of the family that im worried about.

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