Single Awareness Day

Valentines day will be here in a few days or should I call it singles awareness day. Because this is the 3rd year I'll be single on Valentines day.

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  • Third year for me, as well, and it sucks. The reason I'm going to be alone is that my married girlfriend, who I've been with for that period of time, has to spend it with her husband. It's a small thing that I shouldn't allow to bother me, but even though I understand why the appearance HAS to be maintained, it really just eats me alive, because I know I love her more than he does, and I know she loves me more than she loves him. Actually, I don't actually know that she loves me more, but she says she does, and so I accept it. And I hate that I don't get to spend that day with her. Even being left out for Christmas and New Year's Eve doesn't bother me that much, so I don't know why Valentine's Day crushes me so badly, and it has had the same effect on me the whole time that she and I have been involved in the affair.

  • Man,I love f****** or dating married women and I have done it for ages.Get used to it..she is not your woman nor girlfriend;she someone else's wife! Quit whining and get your own woman free to you any time you want.It does not bother me at all that I cannot be with some married cheating woman on certain occasions because I understand what I do fairly well. Would you really wanna marry this cheating woman and be content? She probably would care less about you;she is having her cake and licking it too. Do this for yourself:just tell her that you just met another woman you just gonna be f****** casually and if she continues to stick around then you can draw your own conclusions.Why do you feel like you have to compete with hubby by being loved more than him or whatever? the woman is playing the two of you and you are a fool for spending valentine'd day alone scratching your b**** while she is over there sucking his d*** all night and day long. You still have time,go to a valentine's singles party that day and get you a few phone numbers and in a week's time you will have your own post valentine's day f***. I have two sons and they will be my Valentine:)

  • I know that you're right, and rationally I accept that you're right. I've dated a few married women before, and many singles, but I've never felt about any of them the way I feel about Eileen. Yes, she is an incredibly hot piece of ass, and I'm not even the first guy she's cheated with (not even close), but the whole time we've been together, I have felt that we have something special and powerful. And so, from the first night, I agreed not to see anyone but her, even though she has remained married. I hate admitting that, because it makes me look whipped, but I've never regretted giving her what she wants and "being there" for her whenever she can get away from him. But you clearly understand who she is and what she is about, and your description of her being "over there sucking his d*** all night and day long" is totally correct, because she is unbelievably oral in her sexual orientation and she gives the best head I have ever had in my entire life, and IT JUST KILLS ME TO THINK OF HER GIVING THAT TO HER HUSBAND! You're right, but I don't know if I can pull myself away from her and the incredible s** we have on the occasions we are together. Thanks for the reality check.

  • The same way she is orally good is the same way 20 women you gonna pass by the street tomorrow are.Just take your chance and you will find out that I am right yet again. Why in the world would you promise to keep yourself for a married woman who is neither keeping herself for you or hubby? She probably sees you as insane for putting up with her.Why cant you pull yourself off from her she super glued your d*** to her?
    Man live your life before your d*** stops working;use it while you can.You are letting this woman misuse you like a toy.Stop making excuses.Go and look for your own woman.I know you can do it and trust that you will.

  • Even though she never promised or even said it, I always believed (or hoped) that eventually she would see how good I am for her, how much better I am for her than her husband, and then she would leave him and marry me (although I realize that, even if we got married, she would still be out there f****** other guys: that's just who she is). In both your posts, you said things about her that are so unbelievably accurate and insightful that it's like you know her. This time it was the thought about her using men like toys: one of her married girlfriends said EXACTLY that to me one night after we started dating when I met them out at a bar (she knows about Eileen and I being a secret couple), and told me that she has always used men, ever since she started dating, and never ever had only one relationship going at a time. About six months ago, that same woman -- very recently divorced -- told me that I'd lasted longer with Eileen than anyone other than her husband, but she didn't say it like it was a compliment (she also knows that I'm not the only guy Eileen cheats with). Now that Valentine's Day has passed, and my anger and bitterness at Eileen and the fact that she was out at dinner and then sucking her husband's d*** "all day and night" has passed, too, I think I might just call her divorced friend, ask her out on an actual date (without the hiding), and ignore Eileen when and if she calls to b**** at me. Thanks for the candor and the motivation. I realize we don't know each other, but that's the kind of things friends do, and I appreciate it greatly.

  • Man..I am so happy for you.It seems like you woke up from a bad dream and realized who you were and what you needed to do to stay sane and alive.Yes,ask the newly divorced woman out.She may say yes or no.If she says no,keep asking every woman you find cute and sexy,till you find one your own.
    Whatever you do,don't care about Eileen"s feelings or desires; Eileen is not worried about you.
    Please let us know what happens next.I hope you will have a hot date daily and more so on Valentine's day 2014:)

  • P****.

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