I know I was molested as a child. I

I know I was molested as a child.
I know who did it
I know where
I dont know how many times
I dont know why

I hope the guy goes to h***.
Thing is I'm an atheist

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  • i know what your your saying there is no were to get any help for what you have did in your life time it feels like kids come to you and you tell your self im not going to play with them but for some reason you do it [ not thhat you really want to ] but it is something that has ben there all of your life when you were a kids you did sexual thing with other kids alot more than was right for kids to play sexual thing ........... and if you tell anyone you go to jail for playing with the younger girls ................... im the same way as you i have play with alot of girls and some boys in my life and i dont have to ever go out and look for them some how they come to me i dont know how many kids i have pay with but it ben alot of them................... i do wish i can chat with you about this sexual thing for kids

  • Maybe God MADE the molester to be that way? I mean, he's omnipotent, right? So he makes rapists and murderers and Ben Affleck. It's all part of that Divine Plan they keep preaching about.

  • What does being an atheist have to do with the fact of being molested? For the bible pusher 5 posts above me - shut the h*** up. You know nothing about God. You honestly believe God sees the same sin in molesters and someone who has thoughts of revenge? Come on now. . .

  • WOW

  • you loved it, stop lying !
    F** !

  • Damnit.

    I hate when people misuse words they don't know.

    Karma - The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of his existence, regarded as determining his next incarnation.

    Karma doesn't ensure you'll be punished with a traffic ticket for flipping off some dude in a coffee shop. Karma doesn't mean anything until this life is over, in Buddhism.



    I suggest taking up masturbation.

    It does the soul wonders.

  • F*** you. Go get some humanity and preach to people who have done something wrong....like actual molesters. If your god thinks I'm as bad as him then I'd rather go to h*** than a heaven with him there.

  • There's a h*** and there's a heaven too. But we don't go based on our deeds. We go based on faith in Jesus Christ alone. Everyone falls short of God's perfect standard, meaning you and me and the molester are all deserving of h***. We're no better than the molester in God's eyes because we've all done bad things. You, for example, wish evil and harm upon the molester, which I admit is quite understandable. But it's wrong in God's eyes to want revenge. We ALL need forgiveness through Jesus Christ. I pray that you would become a believer and go to heaven, and learn to share God's forgiveness, even with that molester. That is how God works.

  • He will get what he deserves. Karma. But you should fight back so he never does it to anyone else! I know how you feel. Be strong.

  • go to the police. I was molested and abused by my stepfather.. god I was terrified of telling my mum, so I told my sister *who was younger than me* and she told my mother, who made me go to the police. I had a very supportive family around me *we lived with our grandparents at the time, and my grandpa told him if he ever showed his face again he would blow it off..* the thing is though.. he got what he deserved.. and now everyone knows what he did. You need to tell.. who else could he be hurting right now???

  • kill him.

  • Tell someone

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