I will always love him

I took a risk and looked past his reputation, I spent six months of my life with the most amazing man, me made plans and promises. We lived the dream, he taught me how to live and to love and then took it all away.
He left me, gave no reason, he has changed. Cut himself off from his best mates got into drugs (selling, taking ect). He admits himself he has no one left who he can rely on but me, he says I am the only person who would truly do anything for him but cannot see me in that way anymore.

He is a changed man, previously one of the most 'anti-drugs warriors' I knew. He may not quite be the man I fell in love with, but I know I can never stop loving him. I will be left with the pain of 'what could have been' for the rest of my life. Comparing our love and deep connection to any other relationship i'll have.

I will always love you FPK

May 29, 2012

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