what is life anyway?

what is life anyway?

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  • ^ Go watch NASCAR or something you bible thumper


  • Life is like a box of chocolates. It looks good from the outside but it's really full of nuts and fruits.

  • I used to ask that question. Then I tried committing suicide. Then I found the Lord, or maybe more accurately, the Lord found me. Everybody asks this question at least privately. What is life? What is its meaning? Where did we come from? Where do we go when we die? It's the all-powerful God who made the universe in the first place and made us so that we can think and process things and even ask the question, "What is life anyway?"

    Life is not a time to waste until we die. It's a time to know the Lord before we are judged by Him. But if we know His Son, Jesus, there is hope. Many people see Jesus as irrelevant or a myth, or more often that not use His name as a curse, but we will all be judged by Him someday. I hope you can all know Him as a good and loving Saviour though.

  • just time to waste until you die

  • Life is what happens when you are making other plans...

    Life is a never ending series of problems.

  • I thought about this a lot recently. The question itself can have many different connotations.

    Life - The idea of lifeforms is all about statistical chance. We are a blip in time when you look at the universe as a whole. Somewhere out there there is a planet, in the perfect distance from its sun, in some unknown solar system, in some part of a galaxy, just waiting for that spark of life to happen.

    Life - the purpose of life. I boiled this down and figured that life now is in preparation for the future. We know we're all going to die one day, so we prepare for the future in different ways. Much of this is influenced by the society's are in, and how other society's influence ours.

    Life - on the biological scale - This one still stumps me. Why "something" mutated and turned into amino-acids, leading to single cell organisms, and so on still blows my mind. What caused it to start? We still haven't scratched the surface of the secrets of the atom. Perhaps we'll find out in the future what drives life.

    Maybe if I smoke some more pot I'll figure it all out!

    Just enjoy the life you want without harming others and you should find happiness.

    Life - An erect p****. LOL!

  • There is no one answer.

    It's just whatever you want it to be.

    I'm still deciding what I want life to be for me.

  • An erect p****.

  • each person has to answer that for themselves

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