Doing My Wife's Mother

Maybe it ain't right. But I been haven s** with my wife's mother for six months now. Not my fault. She started it. Was in the shower. She walked in with no clothes on and grabbed my c***. What could I do? And wow her t*** are bigger than my wife's. She calls my wife says she needs some help around the house from me. I go over her house and help her with good f****** and good sucking. Friends say I am stud. They are right. I am stud f****** two women. What wife does not know will not hurt her.

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  • Troll alert.

  • What a dumb s***, you and her piece of s*** mom

  • This is!!! :-)

  • OMG! Somebody should slap you!

  • I'm in a different boat. My mother in law wants to have s** with me. The times I have been at my mother in law's pool, she stares at the front of my bathing suit in a way that tells me she's l****** for some c***.

    She has pinched my rear a few times. Once she opened the bathroom door when I was getting out of the shower naked. She had a towel in her hand pretending she only opened the door because she didn't think there were any towels in the bathroom. All the while she was staring at my package. I had to tell her I needed my privacy to get her to leave.

    I never told my wife about her mother pinching me in the rear or accidentally on purpose looking at me naked in the bathroom. I don't want my wife to get mad at her mother. Except for the looking and pinching, my mother in law is a nice person, and I must admit she looks hot for her age and has the curvy body of a much younger woman.

    If I wasn't married to her daughter, I would surely desire her, but I don't want to upset my wife and jeopardize our marriage.

  • You lucky p****! I'd love to do my mother in law. I peeked on her in our bathroom and she has an awesome body. When she walked past our room I pretended I didn't know she was there and undressed watching in a mirror to see if she would check out my goods, but she just looked away. She so f****** prudish it p***** me off.

  • Well "stud", apparently you have already told your friends. How long do you think it's gonna take for that information to get back to your wife? This will not end well for you, or your wife.

  • Just stop it. It will serve no purpose whatsoever to tell your wife. The only reason to tell your wife is to eat your own conscience. Channel your guilt by doing nice things for her. Then pray she never finds out. If she would tell her you cheated on her with her mom, then she loses both her mom and her husband.

  • It will hurt her when she finds out. Confess, go to consoling. Expectantly if they're are kids in this situation. You owe it to your wife to tell her the truth. What would you feel like it you where in her shoes. Don't you love her? Why did you marry her? Her smile, her laugh, the way she shines on a hot Summer day. Remember those times you were in love. Remember when everything way perfect. Remember your love. It will be hard but you and her can get through it, BUT only if you do it together.

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