i was in love

i don't know if love is different for most but i met the most fabulous woman in the world . she came off like she was faithful and all of that but it ended up being i had to play detective to find that she was still talking about getting together with her ex. I tapped her phone and found the " truth" when i would think about the things she said to him i just wanted to f*** her harder . then last week i put a recorder in her car and when she was supposedly dropping off the kids , she went and had dinner with him . and then soon found that they were kissing in her car . I don't feel stupid because i give a person enough rope to hang themselves , but when confronted , i loved how she cried as she was lying to me . well i had enough and i spit on her the other night when she refused to let me suck her t****** as i masturbated . i don't like that i did that but women don't love nice guys . she cried and was more honest with me . i love her but at the same time i do not trust her at all , to all you guys f****** around on a decent woman . i hope that your d*** falls off and you go straight to h*** , stick with the ugly , the fat, and the ones with no self- esteem , and know that they are the only ones you deserve .....and leave the good ones to us ...stop f****** around on good women ...and women when you find a guy that loves you, don't treat him like you ex......

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