im not happy with my life, but im a

im not happy with my life, but im a single teenage mom and i hate being on welfare, but i feel like i will be suffering for this one mistake for the rest of my life. and the stigma of a teenage mom is terrible. people ask me if my daughter is my sister, and wehn i tell them she is my little girl, they just look away, and say "oh"

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  • It is hard in the beginning, but your child is worth everything you are going through. In a few years, you will look back and say, I wouldn't change anything because that is how strong a mother's love is. Also, where is the father? You guys can both work alternate shifts in order to get off welfare.

  • Gimme a frickin break everyone, she made a mistake years ago. Everyone does stupid s*** when theyre younger, she just had the guts to see it through.

  • Hang in there you are doing good... Try to go to school.. i know its hard trust me.. or you can hookup with someone in the Military... they will take care of you... i know.. because im in the military....

  • pssh- s** isn't even the issue, buddy. There are plenty of contraceptives readily available to just about anybody. I'm assuming this person either was drunk, or has some religious beleivefs that restrict her from using contraceptives.
    In either case, s** would be yes, somewhat of a bad idea, but its not the s**, its the lack of a logical mentality or some silly beilive in "saving the seed" or whatever.

    Don't blame it on the s**

    And as for you, confessor, I am proud that you thought through what that kid would live like being an adopted child and decided to take care of it yourself. I personally would have aborted it, seeing that i wouldnt want it to have to live an "adopted life" or a low income life in which i was the burden on my family (which is how i grew up). Infact i don't want to have kids at all, there's to many ways a kid's childhood can s**** them up forever. So be wise, becareful and love your child as much as you can. I hope she becomes a very intelligent and well rounded caring citazen.

  • I can't believe kids are having s** so young. I'm sixteen now and I can guarantee you I will be a virgin until I'm at least eighteen unless I get raped. Jesus Christ.

  • I'm proud of you for making it so far, especially when so young. That took a lot of courage, and I'm so glad you didn't choose abortion like so many other girls would have.

    I was raised by a single mom who has been struggling all her life, and she was also raised by a single mother. Me and my sister and brother were raised on foodstamps, sometimes without utilities or food or basic necessities - and we're still struggling, but we're making it. The key is to do the best you can for you and your baby, work when you can, go back to school. Depending on where you live, you can get gov't aid to go to school and get your education. Bottom line - don't give up. When you feel depressed and unhappy, know that this situation is only temporary, and the road may be long and all uphill, but you can climb out of it. God bless you sweetie.

  • i'm 19 now, but i was 14 when i got pregnant with my daughter

  • How old are you?


  • to the commenters------my daughter is 5. I wouldn't/counldn't give her up for adoption now. I was adopted and I wouldn't want her to feel like she wasnt' wanted like i did.

    I did not CHOOSE this life. I made a mistake (and so did her father.-he pays child support, but he's young too), and I did what I thought was right. That doesn't mean it's easy or fun. I hate people judging me. And abortion was NOT an option for me.

  • Yeah you can leave your baby in safe arms, you know.

  • While I think it's great that you are pro-life, you know that adoption was a choice. There are plenty of women in their 40's or older who would love to be mothers and aren't physically able to give birth anymore. You chose this life for yourself.

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