When I was 19 (am now 21) I was jacking

When I was 19 (am now 21) I was j********** in my bedroom and I was so into it that I didn't hear anyone come in. But my brother who was 21 at the time came in and I froze. I freaked out a little but he came over to my bed and sat beside me. I thought he was just going to tell me it was alright and he wouldn't rat me out or anything, but instead he pushed me back on my bed, whipped his c*** out and sucked me off while he jacked himself. I ended up sucking him off too and we came all over each other's faces. For a while, I didn't like it and didn't talk to him, but then we ended up doing it again and we do it all the time now and I love having his c** all over my face.

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  • F****** disgusting troll.

  • So i read this and i got an instant hard-on. I can just imagine the feeling of having my brother sucking my c*** and c****** on my face. I am gay and i have had s** with a man. It it quite obvious that because you enjoyed this you infact have sexual feelings for the same s**. There is nothing wrong with this and s**** the f****** law! And s**** haterz. If you like the feel of your brothers c*** pounding your throat then you keeep doing it! I suggest you consider either taking your throbbing member and shoving it into his ass or vica versa because they both feel like exstacy! Homosexual intercoarse is amazing. Im pretty hard right now and can't wait until my boyfriend gets home because now im gonna pound him hard. I wish you luck and wish you all well. =)

  • you should hook up with the granny f*****, the sister perv, and that dude that f***** his mom...now that would be REALLY hot... might as well throw in a couple of those do-gooders that are always so critical...

  • thats f***** disgusting

  • To the first commenter its not called incest unless to siblings are actually having s** and made a baby that is called incest j********** in one anothers faces is not incest I suggest you get your facts right before you start commenting on peoples confessions you low piece of s***!

  • u should c** on ur sister face if she is old enough

  • eww

  • Well...

    I've a feeling that anyone who said that was sick and wrong are christians or hyper-moralists.

    The fact is, is that since you're not producing children with birth defects, it isn't anyone elses business.

    I take this stance on everything. I personally, don't engage in b*********, pedophilia, drugs, drinking, smoking, a*** s**, oral s**, premarital s**, or anything pretty much. But if you want to do those things, and the people involved don't care, it isn't my business nor is it the governments business.

    I don't want to see dudes pounding ass, but if they do, in the privacy of their homes, it's fine by me.

  • I think it's just sad that your family is supposed to be your "safe" place where no one is interested in you sexually.

    Also, this post is absolutely fake because of the terminology used, it was too sexual instead of factual.

  • I second the motion of the last commenter. Burn Faggots Burn

  • f****** faggots!!! with your own brother???!! burn in h***

  • actually, i was going to recommend that they pick up the pace!

  • Sick is right. That's just plain wrong on so many levels and who ever says that it's not wrong becuase they are not having kids are just as sick as the commenter himself. You really need to stop now before you find out the hard way that it isn't harmless


  • you commenters are sick

  • Yeah, it is pretty hot.

  • ....commenters, go ahead shoot me for saying this, but...that's pretty hot.

    (and its not wrong if ur not having kids)

  • im sorry.

  • Not only is it a crime, it's just plain disgusting. You know it's wrong, stop it before it gets any worse. You don't realise the damage it's doing.

  • Why would I lie about something like that? I'm not proud of it and I'm not proud of the fact that I like it. Sometimes I feel like I should just kill myself when people say stupid f***** s*** like that.

  • ^^^ Is right. GTFO!

  • If this post is real, then I don't judge you. It happens. Even if it is illegal, the fact is that you two aren't hurting anyone. It's not as if you're about to breed with your brother, you aren't producing any children that may have birth defects. There is a long history of incest in the whole of the world, and who are the lawmakers to decide what's right and wrong even if it isn't hurting anyone? Don't feel bad about yourself no matter what anyone else tells you. They just don't get it.
    However, if this post is false and an attempt at shock value, then you're just a stupid c*** and need to get the f*** out.

  • to commenter #2----even if I spelled INCEST wrong, it doesn't change the fact that it is INCEST! I'm sure commenter #2 NEVER spelled ANYTHING wrong, ever... But that's not the point. The definition of incest---The statutory CRIME of sexual relations with such a near relative.

    So I think that about covers it. And it's just nasty

  • I'm sorry poster, but that is so wrong. You must stop this immediately.

  • Don't listen to the person above, they can't even spell incest correctly.

  • that is called insest. if you want to be gay that's fine, but don't get with people in your family

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