Wetting the Bed

I hate masturbating now because the only space I get to do it is in my bed. I tend to get the bed all wet and I'm forced to sleep on the other dry side of the bed. I just want to stop doing this.

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  • Get a towel and put it under you.

  • You can also do it in the bath or toilet, I use a very soft underwear and fold it and put my pen** in it like a pu*** and rub the edges of the pillow like boo*s and kiss the pillow after that I relax and then put my d*** in the dry part and after that I clean my d*** with that and put it in the air to dry and go to washroom to pee. The next day when I take a shower I put it under my feet to wash and after dried put it with other clothes in the washing machine.

  • Are you a boy or girl?

  • Just put a towel underneath you.

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