15 year old neighbour

I asked for help 1 week ago by posting a letter for help
on here and it is not even on here. Thanks for nothing,
Ill go and take my overdose now there is no point going on with this life



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  • Ok bye bye

  • no dont overdose what u whana do is hang you self its easyer

  • No use responding since you'll be too busy being dead ... yeah riiiight.

  • For your information you B****** I am this guys brother
    and he was suicidal and did overdose. We buried him a few days ago. He left us a letter explaining what he had done in relation to this subject. This just goes to show you that there are some genuine stories on here.

  • L

    Do dumb kids still do this?? Post some emo crap, not get the attention they wanted, then pretend to be the emo's friend/relative and wail at the cold, unfeeling world about the now-"dead" emotard? God, that's even older and more pathetic than the Nigerian Prince email thing.

    Stupid creatures.

  • Yeah, okay, "brother." lol
    If you-- oh excuse me, your brother-- were crying for help, why is this under S3X confessions? And if you-- I mean your brother-- were so alone in this world that you-- your brother-- had to cry for attention on an anonymous board over and over again, how is it that you were so quick to come on here and claim "he" topped himself? Be more pathetic, OP.

  • dude ive posted at least 20 and none of them have been viewed.

  • I never saw it, quit whining and the self-pity party and just post your problem again. What's wrong?

  • Why should he have had to do it again. It was a geniune cry for help that could have saved his life and what happened it is not put on here. Yet there is plenty of room for extreme bullshit cause thats all that 95% of this is.
    Once submitted it should be able to be viewed you b******.

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