My perfect girlfriend is aromantic

I'm madly in love with a woman I met online. She's always been really supportive of me and has helped me through a lot of dark times in my life, and I know we'd be really happy together... If she wasn't aromantic. Not in a way as in "oh it should be different" or that I want to change her, it just hurts deep in my soul feeling like she's perfect but knowing we'll never be together.

I'm with another woman now, and I love her. I think she might be asexual, and I might be too, but neither of us really know for sure. And lately she annoys the ** out of me. Always making the same jokes, making me do everything around the house, shaming me for having intense feelings and to wrap it all up I'm pretty sure she does it on ** purpose. I want to leave but I love her. But I don't know WHY I love her.

I want more than anything to fly to be with the woman I love more than anyone, but I can't, so I just stay.

Happy ** Valentine's Day, everyone.

Feb 18

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  • Stop chasing morons!

  • Coming from an Aromantic, Bi person...

    You are a waste of oxygen. A parasite to society and humanity as a whole, the world would genuinely be better if you were 6 feet deep underground. I am essentially saying that if you've ever had suicidal thoughts, give in to them. you SHOULD kill yourself. Nobody loves you. You are worthless and serve ZERO purpose in life. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, in true sincerity; kill yourself you good-for-nothing-scum-of-the-earth.

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