I Can't Move On

Sometimes i wish we didn't have a child. My fiance has been dead three months, and each day is a struggle. I Don't know how to carry on, It would be easy without my son.....i'd just join her. But maybe he IS the reason this is so difficult. It tears me apart that he will never truly know his mother.

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  • Consider your son as a blessing! He is a part of the both of you that no one can ever take away and he is one thing you two will forever share! He is a reason to stay strong and you will find that he will become your rock. Life is a struggle but it is also so incredibly beautiful and it is because of you and your fiancé's life that such a precious one was created! He is beautiful for he is a symbol of your love. My heart goes out to you for your loss but as long as you are the best father you can be your son can grow up accepting his mother's death no matter how hard that is to take. I'm sure she is watching down on the both of you and she will never leave you for she will forever live on in your heart and memories as well as stories! Show her you will stand strong and live a happy life along with your son. I'm sure that's what she will want. It sounds like your son is what saved you and that's a beautiful thing.

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