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I am a 14 year old boy who masturbates once or twice a day. I have gained an obsession with groping videos. I saw a video online of Katy Perry (She is my favourite person to m********* to) getting groped at a concert about a week ago. I now can't stop thinking about if I wen't to a concert and groped her or another hot singer.

I now grope girls in school or on the streets. This is becoming an obsession now. Should I do anything? And what could I do?

Jun 11, 2012

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  • Leave the girls alone - keep it mental to keep your freedom or you will not have a choice.

  • This is what you do... F*** OFF.

  • Here's what you do.
    Think about what you're doing to some of those girls and then think about whats gonna happen when you eventually get arrested for it.

  • Has it occurred to you that you are violating a woman's personal privacy when you grope her without permission? I know you really get off on it, but try and find other ways to fulfill your desires that don't involve touching other people without their consent. Girls are not objects that you can just touch whenever you want, and if one catches you doing it you're not going to like what happens next, especially if she tells someone at your school about it. Stick to fantasizing about groping, or watching it, or find a girlfriend who will let you do it - but secretly groping girls in public is incredibly disrespectful.

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