Guys are losers

My friend and I attended a concert and got molested, We were dancing and having fun and everyone was crowded together, She got picked up and they started like crowd surfing her, Same thing ended up happening to me and when we finally got back together she said she wanted to leave, I convinced her to finish the concert but some guys tried again and she actually punched one which caused a big scene but we got out of crowd surfing anymore.
I wouldn't have said anything but she refused to go out after and when we got back to the hotel she was visibly upset, I asked what was wrong and she started crying, I definitely got groped and guys were trying to do disgusting things when I was surfing but she got it worse. She said guys were grabbing at her and groping her chest and stuff but along the way a group of guys kept her above them and someone put their hand in her shorts and stuck their fingers in both holes...Yikes, Ok, That didn't happen to me, There was for sure some crotch grabbing and stuff but she said they kept her there and litterally finger banged both holes and they were not nice about it.
She was VERY upset and we left the next day to go home, Guys...Don't be such douche bags.

Sep 28, 2020

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  • Wasn't just the guys. There were girls feeling you up too.

  • It's true that it happens all the time, Granted I have never had anyone stick a finger in my butt, However I have probably been fingered a dozen times and had my b**** groped a hundred. I will be the first to giggle and let guys lift me up. I find it hot that in a crowd of sometimes thousands of people I will have up to a dozen guys finger me and for the most part i have no idea who.

  • This is such a common thing and guys need to stop, I will straight up drop kick any guy who tries to pick me up into a crowd surfing situation anymore, First time it happened to me I thought "Ok, Isolated incident" but went home feeling disgusted with the world after two different times feeling someone finger me, The second time someone actually whipped my top off so fast while I had my arms up that I couldn't even stop it before I was going one direction and my top went the other and disappeared into the crowd. Wondeful, Got my b**** groped like 48 thousand times. The last and final time it happened I was in a skirt and yes, Someone shoved their finger right past my thong into my butt. Guys...Stop...This is not ok.

  • Wear clothes that fit and dont allow easy access but at the same time guys shouldnt do that either

  • Yes. Guys need to learn to not be retarded animals and girls need to learn that if they're dressing up slutty "for fun" (which is SUCH a bullshit rationalization), that's a well-known way of signaling that you want to be used like a toy. Spare us the huffy "I'll dress however I want!!!1!!" crap, you know *exactly* what you are doing and only get offended if some rando looks at or touches you in a way you decide you don't like. When you spread your net wide, you catch all sorts of things. DUHHHH

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