Thinking of turning gay

Ive been cheating on my wife heavily for about 2 months and its been with a man. i met him at a regular bar (not gay) one night when i went out with some friends from work but not with my wife. i kept looking at him and checking him out and i could tell he was gay and he could tell i was watching and trying not to get caught. but i just couldnt take my eyes off him or not think about his sexuality. i finally saw him get up from his stool and saw he motioned for me to follow him to the mens room and so i did that. he led me into one of the stalls and he sat down on the toilet and had me stand in front of him and take my d*** out of my pants. at first he just stroked me but then he gradually started kissing my d*** and then blowing me and he wound up giving me the best bj of my entire life. i had never been with a man before but now i dont want to be with anybody but him and i cant even get it up anymore for my wife. im 46 years old and i feel like ive wasted my life on woman after woman after woman and wasted it even more on my wife and family when i could of been out there all this time getting this unbelievable s** and love. i love the feeling of getting sucked by a man and of having a c*** in my mouth and having a c*** in my ass almost to the point that i feel addicted to it. this man who is less than half my age (hes 22) has shown me so much about life and s** and love in just 2 months that i think i may never go back to the life i had. he says i can stay married and still be with him but i dont think i want that. i think i just want the c*** now. full time. forever. god how i want the c*** now.


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  • You're thinking of turning gay lol!? It sounds like,you already are!!!
    Own it and embrace it!!
    I don't condone cheating,but obviously,you no longer want to be with your some.End it with her,so she can find someone that respects and loves her enough,not to cheat on her.

    Good luck and stop being in denial!

  • If you've already had c*** in your ass, and you want more c*** in your ass, and you're going out and getting more c*** in your ass, the "thinking about it" part is over, honey. You're gay. Believe me: I know what I'm taling about.

  • He's saying that because he doesn't want you as his boyfriend, please get that message. If you want to leave your wife to pursue this lifestyle then do so, but not to be with this guy that don't really want you, he's just in it for the nsa.

  • i think there might be something to what your saying. my man actually seems to get off on the fact that im married and leaving my family to come get with him. plus, one of his gay friends even said something like 'gary went out and got him some married meat' one night when i was out with them, and he said it like he was envious, and gary acted like he was proud of it. so you could be right.

  • There are plenty of gays who really love placing themselves between married men and their wives, considering their diversion to be a form of "winning", and proving that their sexuality is superior to the conventional marital model and more desirable to at least some significant number of hetero men. It's virtually impossible to argue with the success they've had, considering how many conventional marriages end due to the homosexual adultery of the husband. I'm not close to being gay, but even I have to admit that that's a pretty f****** hot thought. And so do you.

  • Just tell your wife. Leave her. Its not fair to her. At all.


  • This poster is right: you should leave. The reason is that, now that you're on the meat, you will NEVER get off the meat. Trust me, I know, because I've lived what you're living right now. I tried to convince myself that I could lead a dual life, staying in my marriage and seeing one particular man on the side: I fooled myself with the nonsense that I was being monogamous with both of them. Then, I tried to leave my lover and return to heterosexuality and marriage, but I quickly became overwhelmed with the desire for c*** -- I was literally crazed for it -- and became so promiscuous that I was being f***** by four or five or six different men every week, and wanted even more. When my original lover got wind of my behavior, he and some gay friends of his did an intervention and brought me back to sanity, got me out of the risky lifestyle and out of my marriage and family, and he and I are together now, planning on moving to a state that allows gay marriage. So, don't kid yourself: you're already gay, you're already hooked on c***, and you will never go back to the life you had before you WILLINGLY walked into that mens room stall at the bar and slid your c*** into that stranger's mouth and found love. Leave your wife. Do it now. Do it today. Your marriage is already over and the kind thing for your wife is to acknowledge that, and the best thing for you is to admit it. Call your man and tell him you want only him, and if he's not ready for that, there's another c*** coming along every five minutes.

  • i appreciate your sharing the personal experience: having that first-person perspective is quite helpful. and i think you may be right about me already being what i worry that im becoming. some days, all i can think of is getting away from work, getting over to garys apartment, and getting that meat in me. god help me i never had a hunger like this for any woman i ever f*****.

  • You are just nasty as s***.

  • Don't leave until you know for sure what you want. Since your current lover is so open to the idea of you staying in the marriage, do that, and see how the relationship with him works out. The way you feel today isn't necessarily how you'll feel in six months or a year, so just give it some time: it'll be best for your man, best for your wife, and best for you (mostly you, because you'll keep getting that hot, hot, hot oral and nasty, nasty, nasty a***: the idea makes me weak just thinking how amped up you must be, learning to love a man . . . damn!).

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