I feel like a w****! On a Friday night

I feel like a w****! On a Friday night I gave head to a guy I wasn't even dating at a basketball match behind the toilets. The following Friday I made out with a younger guy behand the school canteen in my uniform, the uniform made it so much better! I went to the movies on Saturday and gave head to another guy while my friend was sitting right next to us. I feel like such a h*****.

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  • Sounds hot

  • I've done s*** like that myself...
    But dudes. Leave her alone.
    Women shouldn't be treated like s*** for doing what their hormones and natural instincts are telling them to do.
    Seriously, just leave her the f*** alone.

  • love and space

  • maybe your just addicted to c***?

  • wow... i have some c** to dispose of... can i get your #? but you sound like you are in hs.. sad.. kids these days... when you turn 18.. call me... i like going to the movies and watching basketball ... Mykie ^^

  • wats head?

  • Hey, at least they weren't all in the same night sugar

  • either you feel bad because you think others will think you are bad, but you really like what you are doing, and don't feel bad about it
    or, you hate what you are doing, but think you have to do it to get something form ohters, like attention or love, and you should not be doing those things
    do what you can live with, and don't worry what others think is ok
    everyone has a different idea of what is ok, it is up to you to pick yours

  • whats ure number?

  • Ill give you ten bucks to fist yourself

  • mole, grow up you c** disposal unit

  • just,please : NEVER merry ! never, you will not be a good wife

  • one..

  • You are...

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