Yes im a married man

Yes im a married man who enjoys having s** with gay guys. im not gay i just like having s** with guys as well as women . does that mean im bisexual ?

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  • I'm A Crossdresser...I Love Being With Men.

  • I'm A Crossdresser...I Love Having S** With Cute Men.

  • Im the same i lov girls but lik men also i find the secrecy of being with maried men exciting i love cheating their wives

  • No it means you are gay! You silly f****** f*****. The only thing worse than you is a black man.

  • Male s***!

    - Ms Polly

  • You not wife is such a f****** pill that you have rationalized gay s** as not are a life sucks..join the club.

  • Bisexuality is a myth. Either you're gay or straight. In your case, you are a gay blade living a lie.

  • Well, obviously. The only person who seems to wonder about such an answer is you.

    Nothing wrong with being bisexual. As for your relationship with your wife, that's a different matter. Unless you are telling her, you're cheating on her.

  • No, it means you're a cheater.

  • No, it means your a really hot piece of ass. And a really desirable one. Nicely done.

  • Bisexuality is when someone finds both sexes romantically/sexually attractive. Meaning, they wouldn't mind being with either one. If you're in a relationship/married with a women, this doesn't necessarily mean you're straight, it means you're in a straight relationship. Bisexuals don't stop finding men attractive if they're in a relationship with a women. The same way would still find other women attractive when they're in a relationship with men.

    Still, if you're not into this for long time and you just started lately, then I would say you're straight but you're just experimenting.


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