My Son's Love Life

My junior-high-age son is gay. I mean completely and utterly gay. He swishes! He prances! He knows all the songs of the Producers! He watches Smallville and drools at the male characters! And I've twice caught him having cybersex with men!

I can't talk to him about it because I'm one of those women who like watching gay s**. How does a mother tell her son that she'd let him have a gay s** orgy if she was allowed to watch? I've been fantasizing about my boy with gay lovers and having epic c*** from it.

How does a mother say that she not only doesn't object to alternate sexuality but that she gets off on it?

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  • I am not gay, but my mom also enjoys watching me while I m*********. She was with me when I shot my first load at 13 and warned me not to get girls pregnant.

  • ^Jake wrote that

  • Does your son have any of his gay friends visiting?
    Encourage him to invite someone over when nobody else is around, just the three of you, then tell him to lock the door for privacy. Do not attempt to join them the first time. When his friend leaves afterwards you can ask if he enjoyed the visit.
    That way he will understand that you accept his sexuality.
    When you're both more comfortable with that you can progress to watching.

  • ur f***** up. Fine ur into it but have some limits woman. It fine that u like gay s**, people like different things. If hes gay then thats fine as well. u can admit it to urself that u like gay s**, but have ur own way of expressing it. just dont get ur son involved and let him have his own way.

  • Well first you have to not be a troll, after that I can't help you.

  • HOLY S***!

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