My Teacher Is Going To Pay For Flunking me. I mean it!

My teacher gave me an F which will get me in trouble with my rich father and my father said he would reduce my allowance if I got any Fs. I can't let this happen. I wouldn't be able to buy as many designer clothes or eat at as many good restaurants with my rich b**** girlfriends, and I am so p***** at my teacher.

He is an old man about 50 and I tried to get him to give me a passing grade by flirting with him, that usually works on guys because beside from being rich I am really hot and have big natural b******. But he didn't go for it. So in a bold move I said to him if he gave me an A I would give him the best b****** he ever had. He got all embarrassed and told me not to talk like that to him. I said are you gay or something? He said no and that I was his student and only 17 and it wasn't appropriate. I couldn't believe he turned me down and I could barf thinking about giving him a b******, but I would have done it for an A and to avoid my father getting mad at me and giving me less allowance.

So since teach won't listen to reason I am going to get even. My friend and I are going to tell the school principle and the police that my teacher touched our b****** and p****** and said he wanted to f*** us. I might even be able to get other girls to say this too by paying them money for their troubles and to build what they call an airtight case.

I can't wait to fix that old fart's wagon and see him shake in his boots. And my father, who is an important person in our city, could hire the best lawyers to go after him in court if we can. I would love to see that p**** humiliated in court. It would really be cool if the police went to his house and arrested him. I will give that teacher a lesson in why you don't flunk daddy's little girl and wreck her life and her allowance. That p****!!!


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  • You will destroy this mans life in the most horrible way.

  • This confession isn't real

  • Just read what you wrote here. If you can't find out how disgusting you're acting, then you are beyond help. Don't try to get your teacher in jail for a bad grade. That's too cruel for words.

  • WW, i feel sorry for you, why did you not just study or get someone clever to do your work for you, you could have just payed someone clever to do it for you really are stupid offence. stop being such a spoilt brat and grow up. my parents are extremely wealthy too, so i understand why you think you had to do did not want to get cut off from your allowence,i get it. but what you did was a bit extreme and cruel..

  • You shouldnt even be on this website. You are a disgusting b****. Have you even read some of the stuff on hear? People want to kill themselves and you are worried that you get an f? If you even tried then I'm sure you would get at the most a c. You don't know real pain and you never will thanks to your Rich b**** daddy. F*** of.

  • u go girl :)
    lol im a straight male

  • disgust me.
    Spoiled b****...
    I really hope this is fake.
    You shouldnt even get money for grades.
    Im a junior in high school.
    I get straight A's, and no money.
    I do it for me. I do it for my future.
    This post makes me happy I'm not rich.
    I pay my own way, that's how the big world works. You best learn it now.
    Shame on your parents as well.
    And then to offer sexual favors..just awful.
    That poor teacher.
    You deserve a F.
    I mean what the h***.

  • Your a f****** b**** and a s***

  • Just FYI........filing false police reports is, itself, a crime. You may think your girlfriends will stick to the story when they're pressed about it because you're such a BFD, but all it will take is one who speaks the truth out of fear or honor -- that your allegations are bullshit and you are filled with even more -- and your little house of cards will tumble. Good luck with your precious scheme, Little Leona. You're going to prison. And that's precisely where you belong.

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