My boo was a him

I was hangin with my boo for 3 moths and we were in luv. I thought I found my solemate. She hated check flicks like me. She like boxing, professional wrestling and karate s*** like me. She like beers more than lady drinks. We had lots in common.

But the other night I found out why. My boo was a he. I know u are thinkin how didnt I now. It was like this she never let me get to 3rd base and she did have some t***. So I was thinkin she must be like a virgen and not put out until she feel safe. Because I luved her I waited for her to give me some an swore I luv her hundread times.

When she got to hornny to not stop me I put my hand betwen her legs and shhhiiiiitttt I felt a fukin c*** and punched my boo in the face. Then my boo punched me back and broke my nose P*** me off. My boo break my nose and look and act like womin but is a guy with c***. I new it was too good to be tru. But s*** I miss my boo and all the stuff we had in common.

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  • You have the best of both worlds go back

  • All is not lost if ur desperate it stil has an a*** hole

  • So she was a transvestite. If you really miss her, then maybe you should get back in touch with her. Appologize, tell her you were surprised and didn't expect her to be a guy. Maybe you could be friends. While you're friends, if you still feel like you like her enough to be in love with her, then maybe ask if she's going to get a s** change, if she is, then maybe you can have a happy relationship. If she doesn't get a s** change and you still like her then maybe you could try to have s** with a man, see if it's too much for you. Just try and stay open minded especially for the ones you care the most for, or else you'll keep missing her and regret even trying to stay together.

  • My Boo is a puppy dachshund :) your post is great too.

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