I Slap My Wife Around Because She Makes Me Do It

I work construction and I am tired as a motherfuker when I get home. I just want my supper and no s***. I have to slap my wife around because she does not get that. I am at the table trying to eat my supper in piece and she starts in about how I blow a lot of money at strip clubs and I am out with the guys all the time getting drunk.

I listen until I can not take any more of her s***. I get up and start slapping her around until she shuts the f*** up. She crys afer that but I do not give a s***. She f****** starts it and gets what the b**** deserves.

If she just shut the f*** up and let me eat in piece I would not have to slap her arund. But she always starts s*** when I get home and gets the s*** slapped out of her. B**** does not learn.

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  • You son of a you know I am sick of people like you I'm only.11 and I know.bout his my ma and dad never do this and I lean never

  • You are a terrible human being. I pray your wife finds someone who will treat her right.

  • I despise your kind of people, and I do hope that she'll liberate herself of you.

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