I absolutly hate him

I think that oboma is a n***** i dont think of all african americans like that hes just one of a few i think are stupid n****** but im white and i know my race and many others are the same but people still accuse me of racism so to all you who do in the words of D*** Cheney "Go f*** yourself"

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  • Found another illiterate MAGAT who was somehow allowed access to a keyboard. Go back to fantasizing about Alex Jones and mainlining Mountain Dew, backbirth!

  • Well, Obama is a educated person, worthy of being a President in the USA.The first black president and hopefully, not the last.Your indication on him being a stupid N, is diabolical!
    You appear to be the stupid one, with your childlike literacy skills.I'm guessing you're illiterate!

  • D*** Cheney is the most evil f*** on the planet.

  • I hate that motherfacker too

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