I can't help but hate her

Even if she claims that I'm her best friend, I can't help but hate her a little. She does as she wants without consulting me, thinking that I'm just going to go along with anything she wants. She often makes it seem as though she's the victim whenever something happens, making me an outcast from my normal group of friends. Now, I don't even know how to interact with my normal group of friends without her around, because everything is awkward and all their conversations to me are centered around her and her well-being. It's like I suddenly don't exist!
What really irritates me is that I don't know how to proceed on with my social life anymore. If I tell her straight up that I'm annoyed by her ways, she's going to make a scene and drag all my other friends in with her. But if I don't confront her on her ways, I feel like I'm going to be stuck in an endless circle of torture because of her. I don't know what to do.

Jul 16, 2012

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  • I know what your talking about. I have a beat friend exactly like that. She dated my best guyfriend on and off five times, a guy I've known since second grade. I also had a huge crush on him. She broke his heart after he moved to Texas and doesn't talk to him very much. She's a total b*tch about her friends. She has a horrible persona and only cares about herself. If other people continue to flock at her feet, do something about it.

  • bail!

  • I knew a girl like your 'best friend' once. She needed lots of people around her, doing what she wanted to make herself feel better. She lied to make herself more interesting. She was manipulative and controlling.
    Don't worry - eventually people will notice. And no matter what she says, know that it's not your fault. If you're not happy and she knows it, she's not your friend. Just stop talking to her, she needs you to boss around to make her feel good. You're worth more than that, battle through the awkwardness with your other friends and just cut the nasty one out.
    The girl I was telling you about was in school with me year ago. She used to also tease me about being clever and not having a boyfriend (she threw a fit once when I refused to do her homework for her) And now? I'm at University, studying so I get a highly paid job and eventually run my own business. I have a gorgeous, clever, ambitious boyfriend (also at Uni) who loves my nerdy side. She still lives at home, has an alcohol-fuelled relationship with a going-nowhere douchebag and is also unemployed with no prospects. Trust me, it gets better than where you are right now. Just think of the day when she's working for you - one day you'll get the last laugh, just hang on :)

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