Too shy to say anything.

So, a few days ago my boyfriend (don't worry, it's not one of those week long relationships, as silly as it sounds, I'm sure this'll last a really long time) came over to my house and we walked to a nearby park.

We cuddled and made out and talked for hours, it was all too perfect.
While kissing, I ended up on top of him (just to say, I've never gotten this physical before, I'm still a virgin, and I've only had 3 boyfriends xD).
Our conversation went;
"I love you -------." "I love you more than anything, -----." (I said, jokingly) "Psht, nah. Prove it." "Aren't I now?" "Hardly -insert cheesy wink here-." "Hmm, in a park?" "Sure." "You're crazy."
So, we continued to kiss and such. We never made love. I really want to make love to him, but me, being extremely shy, I can't say it. I'm not even sure how to say it.
Anyone have any ideas or help or anything?

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  • I would say that the second poster has trust issues that are preventing her from having any kind of meaningful relationship with a man. I hope you don't listen to her. :)

  • i mean if you feel that you are ready to give yourself to him; that being siad you are completely willing to and you understand the risks especially as he is young and boys are "crafty"--- JUST TELL HIM. SERIOUSLY. i am a guy and it is annoying and frustrating when a girl won't say anything. Now dont say," I WANNA F***" or anything like that. Be a more modest and tactful:" I feel comfortable around you, and I trust you with my heart and my body." How he responds to that also will tell you how much he truly cares or "cares".

  • ...girl you make think it will last a long time but it could end any day. MEN LIE hun. especially when they are young, their hormones are going and all they wanna do is f***, f*** ,f***. its very rare that you find a guy that says "i love you" and really means it when they are young.

  • Someday rip off ur clothes and his and shove his p**** into ur v***** in public

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