Too shy to say anything.

So, a few days ago my boyfriend (don't worry, it's not one of those week long relationships, as silly as it sounds, I'm sure this'll last a really long time) came over to my house and we walked to a nearby park.

We cuddled and made out and talked for hours, it was all too perfect.
While kissing, I ended up on top of him (just to say, I've never gotten this physical before, I'm still a virgin, and I've only had 3 boyfriends xD).
Our conversation went;
"I love you -------." "I love you more than anything, -----." (I said, jokingly) "Psht, nah. Prove it." "Aren't I now?" "Hardly -insert cheesy wink here-." "Hmm, in a park?" "Sure." "You're crazy."
So, we continued to kiss and such. We never made love. I really want to make love to him, but me, being extremely shy, I can't say it. I'm not even sure how to say it.
Anyone have any ideas or help or anything?

Jul 22, 2012

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  • Just tell him. Flat out. Tell him that you want him, but you're a virgin, and you are scared of it going badly. If he's the kind of person you think he is, he will cherish your honesty and the gift of your first experience. Who knows? It might be his, too.

  • I would say that the second poster has trust issues that are preventing her from having any kind of meaningful relationship with a man. I hope you don't listen to her. :)

  • i mean if you feel that you are ready to give yourself to him; that being siad you are completely willing to and you understand the risks especially as he is young and boys are "crafty"--- JUST TELL HIM. SERIOUSLY. i am a guy and it is annoying and frustrating when a girl won't say anything. Now dont say," I WANNA F***" or anything like that. Be a more modest and tactful:" I feel comfortable around you, and I trust you with my heart and my body." How he responds to that also will tell you how much he truly cares or "cares".

  • ...girl you make think it will last a long time but it could end any day. MEN LIE hun. especially when they are young, their hormones are going and all they wanna do is f***, f*** ,f***. its very rare that you find a guy that says "i love you" and really means it when they are young.

  • Some men are liars, but most boys mean what they're saying. They just don't know the difference between love and hormones. In this case, the couple have been dating for some time, and the girl wants to have s** with the boy. She's asking for help broaching the subject. "Make sure you use condoms/protection" would be more helpful.

  • Someday rip off ur clothes and his and shove his p**** into ur v***** in public

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