Haha okay so I slept with this really hot guy one day a few weeks ago. Traveled 3 hours just to have s** with his ass. anyways he asked me for money I said get a job I dont have it I work hard for my money. He called me a crazy b**** then called me fat. Well I sent him a picture of my perscribed ACYCLOVIR pills I take for having genital herpes. I said oh yeah im fat? have fun having herpes you jobless n****. HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Yeahhh, i try not to judge when i comment... try to be helpful because its kinda my choice of profession and all... but this is just f***** up.
    You knowingly screwed a guy and gave him herpes, and did that part BEFORE he acted like an ass?
    Classy, my dear, classy.

  • Okay, the poor guy may be a jobless n*****, but at least he ain't a n*****-f****** W****.....with f****** HERPES!

    You're going to die a slow and painful death, assuming you don't infect the wrong n**** and gitcha head cut off and shoved up your diseased a******.

  • I think I love you.

  • for whatever its worth............i think you sound great and you sound damn hot and damn sexy and i think your marriage material

  • I hope you get AIDS and die before you can spread it. You dumb crazy b****.

  • Jail for giving herpes to someone? NO WAY! We'd all be in jail!

  • "We'd all"?

  • Did you know that you can go to jail or be fined for knowingly passing on an STD or HIV/AIDS to someone? and you should...? You may be lucky in this instance, because he doesn't sound like he's that smart to pursue charges. Sending a picture of your prescription is proof. So you get mad because he calls you a crazy b**** but you still traveled 3 hours to sleep with him.. Because it sounds like you are..a crazy b**** with herpes.

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