I want to be Happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I do not speak English, I speak Spanish
I'm pretty, all say, say I have a very pretty face and good body
But I am very insecure and often I see otherwise.
I've never had a boyfriend because I'm very shy and I get all red.
I hate myself, sometimes I just think about suicide.
I cut myself.
I do not understand because I hate myself
I want to stop being so shy.
I just wanna be happy!

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  • I dont know what the first person said as i dont speak spanish, but i certainly hope it was comforting and if so i applaude them for using your native tongue!
    Second commentor... seriously, it's like there are so many people on this site who just WANT to be complete fucktards...
    My opinion: if you're as attractive as you say, then own it darlin ; ) I understand how difficult it can be to just summon up courage, even if you've got everything going for you, but trust me, even if you werent gorgeous, it'll happen for you whent he time is right, you just have to give it time!
    If you're shy, then maybe you'll eventually meet a guy/gal (y'never know) who loves that about you, and a true and definite love can spring from even that humble beginning... or, try and summon up any and all courage you can, if you feel comfortable doing so, and just take the leap!
    Just be careful about who you give your heart to, there are a lot of d***-heads (pendechos?) out there.... like mister second-comment here...
    I'm sure i'd be more than willing to have you on my arm any day, my dear ^^

  • stop being a bore

  • Vistete bien, maquillate y salgas afuera para conocer a gente.


    Para pensar en ti misma.

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