Amazing night!

My husband works in the afternoons and doesn't get home until 3am and we have a baby so s** isn't what it used to be like at all! we used to go days with out even putting clothes on and having s** where ever we were in the house when we got h****! but now we are down to once, maybe twice in a WEEK! i want s** every day all the time! i watch p*** and m********* all the time! i just cannot satisfy this throbbing need! the need is for my husbands c***! it is amazing the way he f**** me! but he is tired when he comes home and i understand so i don't push the issue a lot i just wait on him to come to me usually then i ride him like there is no tomorrow! but the other night i was sleeping when he came home like usual, but he was in a different mood. he came in our bedroom and i heard him undressing so i thought he was going to climb into bed but he surprised me. he tore the covers off of me revealing my half naked body.(i don't wear underwear to bed just a night gown) he grabs my hips and spins me around to the edge of the bed to gain easy access to my waiting wet p****. he pushes my legs apart and shoves his c*** inside me making me c** almost instantly. he starts pounding me with his magnificent c*** while sliding his hand up from my hips to my bouncing b****** and pinches my nipples because he knows that drives me wild! the harder he pinches the wetter i got! then he places his hands on each side of my neck gently caressing my neck and jawline. then his grip gets a little tighter and his c*** got a little bigger inside me! it surprised me a little because my husband has never been into anything like that before but the harder he squeezed the harder he f***** me! i could barely breath but i didn't want him to stop because it felt amazing! i came all over his wonderful c*** so many times we had to change the sheets when we were finished! we had not had s** like that in years! this was the first time he had ever squeezed my neck like that but i ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! then today while our baby was napping we were picking around in the living room on the couch and ended up in the floor. i was crawling away and he just grabs my hips and pulls me close to him, rips my pants down and shoves his c*** inside me! he just starts f****** me, HARD!! then he grabs my hair and just yanks it back making me c** and wanting to f****** scream so loud but we had to be quiet because the baby was sleeping in the room right next to us! i don't know why he has been like this the last few times we have had s** but i hope he keeps doing it because i think i have a rough s**/bondage fetish! ;)

Aug 4, 2012

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  • I hate 5 yr old post

  • Wow! I want some d*** now.

  • My wife of 6 yrs has ZERO sexual imagination....I have been faithful, sexy, tried to create a fun atmosphere...she has killed my sexual attraction to her with her negativism...I'm angry, sort of, with her, but I take responsibility for my own life because I was the fool who married her...I will eventually leave her...for now, I haven't initiated s** in 6 months...she is so awkward sexually she can't do anything but gently touch my shoulder and ask if I am ok...I laugh at her inside myself and say, Oh, I'm fine...but, I refuse to have s** with her...she is ultra-controlling and has hurt my feelings with her Yankee apathy towards, f*** her!...I'm waiting for the day to dump her...she does not deserve to continue ruining a good man.

  • Oh your story is like mine. I would die to be desired. My husband does not have the libido to satisfy me. He doesn't try. Doesn't initiate s**. Where do u live? Maybe we can help each other thru a hard time :)

  • bless your heart! thanks but no thanks. i have always fantasized about being with a woman but i can't do that to my husband i love him too much to hurt him like that. and our s** life has never been better now! i don't know what he is doing different but whatever it is it is working for him because he wants s** all the time now! :) i'm sorry about your situation and i hope it gets better.

  • i hope you find someone to help you satisfy your sexual needs! find yourself a good southern woman because she will do anything to please you as long as you treat her right and return the favor! trust me i know because i am one! ;)

  • I married a Yankee cause she was so smart! BIG MISTAKE.

  • lol i'd say so! southern belles are so much more fun! ;)

  • Arwwww it's such a shame when people's s** life gets s*** I have been with my partner for 8 years and I can honestly say the s** has never been better, he is the sexiest man I have ever known

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