I pretend to be Christian

I was raised Catholic but I stopped believing in christianity the older I got. I'm in my twenties now and I pretend to everyone that I still believe in it. The truth is I hate christians because they are hypocrisies and self righteous and it's all made up. I just act like one of them to keep people from judging me. Not because I'm scared, but because I don't want to get the backlash.

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  • Seeing this was posted over 6 years ago, I guess you're married with kids now. I wonder if you married a Catholic and had your kids baptized or managed to break the cycle ?

  • You suck


  • Do search about yussuf estess ...... ( on google )

    he was a Christian !!

  • this one is to juicy for me to pass up. i just love ur inner slf loathing it so full of tasty bits that i cant decide where to start. tell u what i'll edify and educate u instead of tear u down. ur are right most reliogus nuts are the most self rightious self serving pompous arrogant lricks u will ever have the displeasure of meeting. plz do not pretend to be one of them u'll just look lick a d***. Christians are the absolutely worse of this bunch, so now u just look like a santimonius lil d*** i swaer aint a smart one in the whole lot of them. if they only knew how absurd there religion is. any way be urself old chap just be u ull feal better. u have nothing to be ashamed of ur eyes have come open u r now enlightened.

  • This is a very common problem, actually. We all become disillusioned with religion for a lot of reasons, especially these days. But you shouldn't be ashamed that you've lost your faith, it happens. If you live in a particularly religious community, i can understand your reticence about admitting to it, but otherwise there's nothing wrong with you're new found agnosticism/atheism.
    Personally, i agree that a lot of religious ideals can be quite hypocritical and judgemental, but those are the kinds of things that come with faith... it doesnt matter if it's made up if the idea behind it is what you believe in.
    I was raised catholic in a very irish family, but i have no qualms admitting that i have lost my faith... but i still believe in a lot of the "ideas" behind what i was taught as a child, and i respect that some people still need to have the "stories" to solidify their faith. it's jsut how they were raised. And i'm sure yo'd be respected for your beliefs, whatever they migth be, as well.

  • What do you think they're gonna do? Kill you? Nobody's forcing you to be a christian, but there are lots of hypocrites in the world, not just christian ones, so maybe you should re-evaluate who you're hating.

  • backlash? from who? the lost shepherd is not hated.

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