An I in love?

My name is Lisa and I'm 13 years old. My best friend is named Thomas and he's also 13. We are very close and can tell each other almost anything. Me being a tomboy helps a lot. We met on the play ground in kindergarten while playing tag and we've been best friends ever since. I've always had a crush on him growing up and when he would kiss another girl or tell me how he likes a girl, I could feel my heart shatter in my chest, but I'd put on a fake smile because he was happy and that makes me happy. He was my first kiss for crying out loud! It's weird because we look alike too. Blue-grey eyes, dirty blonde hair, tan skin and being athletic. We've been mistaken as brother and sister multiple times. Our parents are good friends too. A nerdy secret of mine is that I like to hope and dream that we'd get married, have kids and spend the rest of our lives together in love. He doesn't feel the same way so I'll wait. That's why, even though I don't usually think about it, I turn down guys who ask to go out. It's because I'm waiting for him. For now if best friends is all I can get, I'm taking it. Is this love? Thanks for reading my story

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  • If you like him, then tell him. Boys can't read your mind, especially a 13 year old boy. You're still young though, as you get older and you begin to change, he may begin to notice you more. Dressing like a boy doesn't help your cause though. If you want the boy to like you, then be a girl. Not a tomboy. This will cause him to notice the female you truly are. Don't get too serious though. You are only 13. Listen to you're parents advice on relationships and don't be afraid to wait till you're older to get serious, and I mean 18. & Please don't have s** until you are married. If there's one thing that hurts a guy's feelings, it's when he marries a woman who's not a virgin. Then questions come up like who have you been with? ect. These things don't help your marriage. My neighbors are a married couple, and they look alike too. Their kids are beautiful and they look like their mom and dad. In the meantime. You're a girl. Dress like it. Not like a prostitute, but like a lady. If this guy isn't the right one for you, being a lady will bring the right one your way.

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