Am I something wron?

I am 30 years old married woman. I feel like want to have s** almost everyday. We actually have s** once a week. Sometime i lure him to get into it. But sad thing that he doesn't feel like to do it. I am dying to have s**. Am i something wrong?

Aug 8, 2012

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  • Nothing wrong at all. My older sister's husband was like that.. Just not into s**. She's a very sexual, and, sexy, woman, and we'd messed around before she married him. To satisfy her needs, we continued our sexual meetups, sometimes 2-3 nights per week. He never knew.

  • Nothing wrong with you girl, I'm in the same boat except I'm 22 with a 30yo bf.

  • I am a married man and I my want for sec is much higher than my wife's :-( I love her and only want her. But that doesn't make it easy I feel for you

  • You have a s** addiction...leave the poor guy alone...just buy a vibrator.

  • Nothing wrong with u I am in the same boat my wife never puts out

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