I'm 18 and this summer I cheated on my

I'm 18 and this summer I cheated on my girlfriend. I'd go over to my close friend's house, a girl that my friend who was (not anymore..) my best friend all through high school, really really liked.

I broke up with my girlfriend afterwards and continued to do things with the other girl. But now that summer's come and gone she seems to have lost interest in me. I've lost someone who truly cared for me. My old best friend and I don't talk anymore. And he doesn't even know the things I did with the other girl.

Yet... I still want the other girl.

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  • never leave the one you love fo rthe one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one they love

  • 3 words: dumb f****** idea.

    You f***** over TWO major people in you life, for some physical pleasure.


    Hope you learn from this.

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