I'm a girl and I think i'm in love with

I'm a girl and I think i'm in love with my friend (girl also). I want to tell her but I'm afraid she'd freak out.

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  • i had a friend who was a girl like i am & i had the hugest crush on her. After we stopped being friends she hooked up with another girl,i was so jealous & ** lol. I say tell her,you may lose a chance with her like i did with my friend,

  • your friendship will never be the same again trust me i know whatever way she reacts it will change things for both of you i lost some1 coming out to her x

  • i love one of my best friends too we once or twice seriously got it on in a drunken night we both have boyfriends it will never happen always have the thing in the back of my mind that it happened so there must be something there im stupid though i still want her though

  • bring up the subject of lesbians in general and see how she responds

  • well if she is a true friend she wont freak out she might not feel the same way thou tell her anyway you need to get it off your chest

  • try some ** and your friend at the same time

  • I'm a lesbain, came out at 17 to my best friend. She ended up being my first lover. Fortunatly we both had felt the same. I say be very careful. If she's a good friend and not gay she might understand. You never know about people. Maybe you should bring up the subject of lesbians in general and see how she responds. Another thing to consider is how much you really care for her as a friend, me and my ex are no longer together or friends so you have to decide if it's worth it.

  • if you're not out of the closet yet, just bring up to her that you're lesbian and see how she reacts. if she's not freaked out, go from there!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

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