I can't decide

I've had s** with this guy three times. He's in a relationship. He told me he's going to talk to her about his cheating. He also told me I was beautiful, and that he trusted me and liked me and all this stuff.
My friend told me today that he's a big time player and has other girls right now. She said a lot of girls hare him because he just lies to them for s**.
I cant decide whether he's definitely just using me too, or if he just likes me.

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  • you are his s***...is that so bad?

  • He definitely likes using you. He's going to say a lot of nice things to you to get down your pants. Be careful, if he is a player (and sounds like he is) you may be the recipient of an unwanted STD. If you really want to know if a guy likes you, don't sleep with him immediately. Make him wait for it. And if he doesn't or wont..then you'll know. Another good rule to follow, don't sleep with a guy who is a cheater. He won't leave his gf, because he gets it at home and he gets it from you with out the commitment. Why should he? Maybe that will make your decision easier to have some love and respect for yourself and kick this guy to curb before you get too wrapped up into it and pass up a really great available guy.

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