I Have an Obsession with Feet

I have a really strange obsession with feet. I was born with it, and it's not something I've been able to control. I get turned on whenever I think about, get near, see, touch, or have any interaction with specifically female feet. I have weird and strange fantasies about making love to women's feet and rubbing them to give myself pleasure. I've wanted to see therapists, cognitive therapists specifically, so that I could get some help. I've researched it online, but honestly, I don't feel like it's all that wrong. I feel like I'm a loner out in the world because those who would supposedly share my obsession would rarely to never talk about it.

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  • I can't help it. I love to look at younger girls' feet. My niece is turning 12, and her feet are so soft and smooth. I haven't touched them, but do find them attractive.

  • I'm really into female feet myself. Young, or middle age, the soft sexy look turns me on.

  • I like them smaller in size, but do not mind ones larger, either.

  • Gosh man's feet can really make my day!! i even get online and check nice feet..it actually vanish my stress away and can even make me cry in laughter! i know that's weird.

  • Hey bro you got nothing to worry about. I have a foot fetish and I always thought nobody knew how I felt. I'm just glad there are more of us out there

  • Gosh it the same here! i love seeing mans foot and it totally remove my stress, I know it is kinda weird....

  • I wish I had a man who would suck on my toes...lick the arch of my feet and kiss them...then he would put his p**** between my feet and I would rub him until he came all over my feet. You're wonderful don't change it!

  • You're fine, foot fetishes are actually pretty common. My ex had a foot fetish, and he loved giving me foot massages because of it, so it was nice!

  • Did you like those foot massages? I can do things with feet that you would've never expected.

  • Dde its ok i love feet, what wonder is if women know how sexy their feet are do they know they can drive a guy nuts just by wiggling their toes. I f****** love summertime women in flipflops h*** yeah!! Dude vitual high5 that s***

  • i tell all girls im with that i like their feet, last b**** i was with after s** i made her show me hers and i c** because of it then shove the c** in her face :)

  • Im a woman and my ex had a foot fetish it causes no awkwardness in relationships I used to give him foot jobs and let him massage my feet which was actually quite nice for me too you have apsolutely nothing to worry about x

  • What about having your feet licked? Did he ever do that?

  • It is not an unusual fetish at all. There is a lot of p*** in that area that you can enjoy. And when you meet that special someone, you probably want to tell her about it. Most everyone has kinks. She could do a lot worse from a practical perspective.

  • i love female feet too especially with painted toes...i paint mine sometimes too...i love to J****** and suck on girls toes and lick their feet...i get so excited and c** very soon..

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