I met you in the worst way possible. In

I met you in the worst way possible. In the worst place possible. You didn't care. You still loved me. We live thousands of miles away. You didn't care, you still loved me.

Then your father died. We knew he would. I didn't realized it would happen while we spoke. We argued a few weeks later and you couldn't believe I'd argue with you after you'd been through such a hard time.

I was wrong. You were being strong and it fooled me.

Things have been different since. Decent, but different. I don't know if you've forgiven me, or if you've just got little to no emotion to spare. I've got no choice but to wait till December and see how this all pans out. I hate not being in control of this. I hate not being able to fix things for you. I hate not being able to give you a hug. I just hope life lets at least the hug bit happen. I'll take it from there.

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