I know how much you hate me. I know how much you hate that my life has turned out so good. I know you hate the fact that despite doing all things possible to break us up we are getting married. I know and knew a long time ago that you pretended that you'd attend my wedding. I know the fact that my life was hard building up to now and yours was easier you felt better than me. I know you compared your life to mine and always thought you'd have a better life than I do. I know that because of my failed relationships you thought and believed I would never get married. I know you the lies you have told about me and why we are not close anymore. I know you hate that I am so happy. I know that you are not happy for me and I know that you hate me so much. I also know that I have stopped trying to make this friendship work because I am not apologising for the good that has come to me. I am passed caring what you think and if we never speak or see each other again.

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